DKG/UN Relationship

Beginning in 1995, DKG has played an instrumental role as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the United Nations Department of Public Information. In addition, the Society was also granted Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2003. What does it mean to be granted Consultative Status? These are Organizations that can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Council that they have substantive and sustained contributions to make for the achievement of the objectives of the United Nations. They are NGO’s that are closely involved with the economic and social life of the peoples of the areas they represent and whose membership is broadly representative of major segments of society in a large number of countries in different regions of the world. These organizations are known as organizations in General Consultative Status. This in, and, of itself fulfills the seventh Society Purpose: To inform members of current economic, social, political and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society.

DKG has eight representatives who are charged with familiarizing members with the activities and programs of the United Nations, inclusive of those relating to education and human rights.

Our DKG/NGO representatives attend weekly briefings at United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Information is shared through our newsletter, DKG@UN, as well as during the variety of conferences held including regional and international meetings. In recent years, we’ve included school visitations in our activities whereas educators experience hands of classroom lessons about the UN and the introductions to the Society.

2019 DKG NGO Representatives include:

Eileen Venezia, NY, Primary NGO Representative.
Director At Large of CTAUN
Chair of Excellence In Education Award – Presented annually during conference at UN headquarters.

Lochie Musso, NY, NGO Representative.

Anne-Marie Carlson, NY, NGO Representative, Chair of CTAUN.

Joan Goldstein, NY, NGO Representative.

Ann Grosjean, CT, NGO Representative.

Grace M. Murphy, NY, NGO Representative.

Ruth Nielsen
, NJ, NGO Representative.

Connie Rensink, NY/TX, NGO Representative.

DKG Members are particularly concerned about educational issues worldwide. The right to an education is included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), and achieving Quality Education is #4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or SDG’s) to be met by 2030.

In addition, since 1996 the Society has partnered with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF on a number of projects that have supported education in developing countries. Our project at the present time, which is an official Society project, is Schools for Africa.


Most of the Society’s NGO representatives are also involved with The Committee on Teaching About the United Nations (CTAUN), an organization made up of representatives from a variety of NGOs with an interest in education. CTAUN provides educators opportunities to learn about the United Nations and its work. Through events and resources available on the website, CTAUN assists teachers in efforts to incorporate global awareness into classroom curricula and activities. DKG member Anne-Marie Carlson serves as chair and several other DKG members also help plan and coordinate the conference events.


Next CTAUN Conference -Information Coming Soon!

Most Recent CTAUN Conference:

Friday, April 22, 2022 - "CLIMATE CHANGE AND GLOBAL HEATING: What we can do together to repair our broken planet. "

Learn more about the conference here

United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY

United Nations website.
View United Nations Briefings and other webcasts HERE.

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