Becoming a DKG Member

"I have met many wonderful ladies from around the world and gotten to share ideas for the classroom and personal growth. Attending meetings has exposed me to communities and cultural experiences. Serving at all levels has opened up a deep understanding of the work of the Society."

-  Carol Herzog, NE Regional Director

Who is a DKG Woman?



A DKG woman is a leader at work. Leadership is about influence, impact, and innovation.
Leading the way to a future brighter than ever before because they believe in the greatness within you.


A DKG woman shares her passion for learning and teaching.
Educators from all walks of life. ‘a teacher educates the future’. 
Here's to those dedicated to teaching, who are working hard in classrooms, day in and day out.⁣


A DKG woman manages to find the perfect solutions to everyday problems! Her creative mind knows no bounds.
We know you have a creative side, too. Join the community and showcase your ideas.⁣

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 Interested in Becoming a DKG Member?

DKG membership is an honor and is offered by invitation from a local chapter.

A candidate for membership must :

  • Identify as a woman and

  • Is or has been employed as a professional educator at the time of her election.

Contact DKG Headquarters to connect with a chapter in your community.  You may be invited to attend a meeting or event. Get to know the chapter's members and learn about the work of DKG in your area.  At some time, you may receive an invitation to join DKG - an honor that reflects your commitment to excellence in education and highest level of professionalism in your career.

Email and connect with a local DKG chapter today!

You can be a part of this great future for education
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Connect.  Live and Educate with enthusiasm.  Realize your Potential.


As you view the professional landscape, what path will you take to realize your career and personal goals?

Will you work in isolation, or develop skills by working with like-minded women educators through projects and programs?

Will you spend your career defined by the status quo, or interact and network with local, state/provincial and global women educators who have valuable lessons for you gained through leadership and educational experience?

As a member of DKG, you have the potential to make more significant contributions to education worldwide.  While growing professionally, you will also realize that there is a strong reason to develop your personal capabilities and networking experiences. 

Do you see education as a job or a profession?

DKG settles for nothing less than educational excellence in professional growth and lively engagement in personal development.  The challenge all educators face is how to interface both the work they do and the professional aspect of their career.  An educator's product is herself - what she does well and how she is continually developing in order to make an impact. DKG is the professional organization that enables women educators to be set apart in their profession. 

DKG believes in your potential.
DKG seeks your association.
DKG honors you with membership.

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