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NY Chapter Takes Virtual Visit to Headquarters

Creating programs for chapter meetings can come with some challenges. In New York Alpha Theta Chapter, we strive to remain relevant while trying to ensure interest levels are piqued, not only by new members but also members who have retired from teaching. During our program planning meetings, we discuss what topics may be of interest to all of our members. One topic of interest to everyone was technology. The depth and breadth of this topic is so large, we knew it would have to be narrowed to something specific. We agreed to have our presenter discuss what a virtual field trip was, as this is an area of technology that is currently popular in the school setting. We needed a place to virtually visit that would be relevant to our DKG retired teachers and those currently teaching. While a national park or a zoo would be fascinating, it might not be meaningful to all of our chapter members. So, what destination would be of interest to all of our members?

In a sort of “light bulb moment,” we thought of Delta Kappa Gamma International Society in Austin, Texas. Because of the upcoming international convention in July, many members have been thinking of Headquarters but will not be able to attend. So if our chapter from rural Western NY, tucked between the bigger cities of Buffalo and Rochester, couldn’t go to Austin, then Austin could come to us. Our members were excited to see the building and the workers, as well as to be able to ask questions about what goes on at Headquarters. Coordinated by Christina Unger with the assistance of technology guest speaker, Daniel Mault, and DKG Technology Director Victor Trisnadi, we were able to Skype each other and enter the walls of headquarters. Victor used an IPAD and traveled throughout the building as our hostess, Executive Director Nita Scott took us through the offices and grounds. Nita answered questions and gave interesting facts about the creation of DKG International and the forward thinking ladies that began our society. Nita introduced all staff members and showed us the building’s latest renovations. It was exciting to see the “Wall of Roses,” and a portrait of Founder Dr. Annie Webb Blanton. Having this virtual field trip let our chapter feel connected with our leaders and allowed us an opportunity to visit without having to leave our tiny, snowy, location back in Western New York. We were truly grateful for this opportunity and hope that other chapters will take advantage of technology and explore The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International’s Headquarters.


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